Self-Care Kit

Treat yourself or a wonderful woman in your life with our beautiful Banda Bags Self-Care Kit. This limited edition Kit features the brand new Banda Bags Cosmetic Clutch alongside handcrafted, organic beauty products from Heart Fire Soul. In each Kit you will receive:

New Banda Bag Cosmetic Clutch with Rose hydrating mist, Heart chakra salts, Coconut grapefruit soap, Palo Santo incense stick & One hour FREE life-coaching session.

· Banda Bags Cosmetic Clutch: Handcrafted with intricate traditional embroidery, satin-silk lining interior and comes in three colors. Choose from fuchsia, blue or black.

· Rose hydrating mist: organic rose hydrosol + organic rose absolute.

· Heart chakra salts: dead sea salt + epsom salt + ylang ylang essential oil + cedarwood essential oil infused with pink/green tourmaline love.

· Coconut grapefruit soap: saponified organic coconut oil + organic cocoa butter + organic grapefruit essential oil.

· Palo Santo incense stick: wonderful for changing energy fields and filling your home with a gorgeous smell.

· One hour FREE life-coaching session: Banda Bags is thrilled to be able to compliment the kit with this session from an incredible life coach and healer, the founder of Heart Fire Soul, Virginia Raich. Virginia specializes in supporting women to become compassionate, empowered leaders in their own lives. Learn more about Virginia and Heart Fire Soul here:

This is a wonderful gift to give a mother, a wife, a lover or even yourself. All women deserve proper self-care, and with this kit and free-life coaching session, blessings are bountiful.

*Virginia will be in contact with the recipient of the Banda Bags Self-Care Kit to arrange the complimentary life-coaching session.