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Embellished Ethnic Tie-Dye Top

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89.00 USD

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artisans worldwide

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Banda Bags is proud to be supporting more women and artisans around the world with our new Ethnic Embellished Tie-Dye Top. These beautiful pieces are hand-dyed on 100% cotton and feature one-of-a-kind vintage tribal belts from Afghanistan, repurposed for adorning our quality handmade shirts. Additional embellishments such as cowrie shells, beading, and antique coins may also be featured on the back. There is one pocket that is found on the front of the top and is also made from recycled vintage embroidered pieces.

Each t-shirt is stunningly unique and its handmade production is ONE-OF-A-KIND so every design may vary slightly. Please select your size and you will be sent a shirt according to the size.

*If you need to exchange for another size, or are dissatisfied with your purchase, we will issue you a free returnThis item can be exchanged or returned within 7 days. 

Please note that the sizing for these shirts runs small. Do not machine wash, must be Dry Cleaned or Spot Cleaned. 

Ethically Sourced

Please note that the sizing for these shirts runs small.


S: 0-2
M: 4-6
L: 8
XL: 10


  • 2-8 business days from order confirmation.
  • 2 days of expedited shipping is available.
  • Shipping status can be verified at any time by using the tracking number provided via e-mail/SMS.

Returns and Exchanges

  • Please contact us within 7 days of delivery to return/exchange the order and we will provide you with a free shipping label.
  • Ship unused items back within 14 days of delivery in original packaging.

Banda Bags is committed to sourcing sustainable materials in our production process.

  • Cotton/Embroidery/Beads/Shells.
Do not machine wash, must be Dry Cleaned or Spot Cleaned.

What people are saying about Banda Bags?

“Thank you @bandabags I’m in love with my bag! I also have my red travel bag I get so many compliments on!”


“I am so excited to go away for a few days and just unwind. I packed all my things in this gorgeous @bandabags. It is so cute, lightweight and practical.”


“Bags may not change the world, but the women who carry them will. @bandabags is an ethical and vegan fashion company that supports women, families, culture & the environment”


empowering women

When women are empowered, communities thrive! We support girls who want to learn a trade...women who don’t want to settle for an arranged marriage...moms who want to be able to work from home…retirees who don’t want to labor outdoors anymore…aspiring fashion designers who want to showcase their talent to the world.


We feel it is our duty to leave the lightest footprint possible. We are committed to sourcing more sustainable materials in our production process. Currently we use a recycled nylon (RPET) material for the outer material. Our goal is to use waste-plastic thread for the embroidery with organic cotton, hemp or canvas for the interior lining.


In today’s fashionable world, fast and cheap seems to dominate. But have you considered the people who make the bags? What do you think they earn if you are paying so little for an item? That is not the narrative here at Banda Bags. Everyone deserves the right for fair pay, fair trade and fair labor practices.


Our bags are handcrafted with extremely lightweight materials, much lighter than leather, yet hold the same durability due to their intricate embroidery. This is one of the reasons Banda Bags are the perfect travel bags.

Handcrafted by Artisans

All of these women want to live a better life. We all deserve that right. It is my mission to support these wonderful women and your support helps!


  • How are Banda Bags produced?

    Banda Bags are uniquely handcrafted using a combination of hand-embroidery and paddle wheel sewing. We pride ourselves on these techniques as they maintain the integrity of a traditional art form in Indonesia in addition to the abstinence of mass-factory production. Mass-factory production not only lacks character in the creation, but in certain countries it has been the source of environmental irresponsibility as well as human right's abuse.

    Please be advised that given the handcrafted nature of our collections, along with the remote location and access to materials, there may be subtle differences in each Banda Bag...but again, we believe that makes Banda Bags even more special and unique!

  • Why are Banda Bags Vegan/Cruelty-Free?

    Animal-free fabrics have a smaller carbon footprint than materials (such as leather) requiring factory farming - a practice that often results in the increase of environmental devastation. As well as being "greener" than leather, vegan materials also spare animals castration, branding, tail-docking and other practices deemed cruel. Banda Bags is committed to maintaining a smaller carbon footprint as well as keeping animals safe!

  • What is the size difference between the Weekender Bag and the Mini Weekender Bag?

    · The Weekender Bag dimensions are: 20 in Long x 10 in Wide x 13 in High / 50 cm L x 25 cm W x 33 cm H.

    · The Mini Weekender Bag dimensions are: 15.5 in Long x 9 in Wide x 9.5 in High / 39.5 cm L x 23 cm W x 24 cm.

    But unless you have a ruler in your hands, this might not mean diddly to you. So here's how we differentiate:

    · The Weekender Bag will fit several outfits and toiletries for a weekend getaway! It also is the exact maximum size approved for carry-on baggage on a plane.

    · The Mini Weekender Bag will fit a change of small clothes for your barre or yoga class. Or, if you are like to carry a big everyday bag to fit your iPad, makeup case, etc. this bag will satisfy your needs.

    Check some videos here.

  • How do I care for my Banda Bag?

    If you receive any stain or mark on your bag, simply dampen a cloth and lightly rub the area as to take care of the fine embroidery.

  • Do I have to pay duty/taxes for shipping?

    Generally speaking, NO. The amount of a Banda Bags purchase is usually lower than the minimum taxable amount. However, each duty/tax situation is unique to the country's customs laws. In the case that customs requires duty/taxes to be paid, it is the responsibility of the customer. If a customer refuses to pay duties and the item is returned, the return shipping fee will be deducted from the purchase. 

  • How long is the delivery time?

    Delivery time vary from 3 to 8 business days depending on your location.

  • Return & Exchanges

    In the rare event that you do not want your Banda Bag, we accept returns and exchanges. Please email to arrange.

    Please note that returns or exchanges must be made within 7 days of purchase. A $5 restocking fee will be deducted from your purchase refund amount. Exchanges can be made and the restocking fee will be omitted. 

    Please Note ~ If you received free shipping we will need to charge for shipping .

    Please Note ~ the Refund, Exchange and Cancellation times written above are not valuable as we are unable to change them ~ Refund and Exchanges: Please Contact us within 7 days of delivery / Ship item back within 7 days of delivery / Request a cancellation within 4 hours or purchase.

    Please contact us and we will give you a return shipping address 💗

    Please use reused or recycled packaging when shipping back to us ! We don't need it to look nice we prefer to keep the earth nice 

    You can use any old box or old envelope .. and we take responsibility for any risk or damage to the item so no need to add bubble wrap 🙏🌎🥰

    Your happiness means a lot to us so don’t hesitate to contact us with any problem you have and we will happily support ! :)

  • Are you a retailer?

    Please contact us for wholesale opportunities. We are confident that your customers will be happy to see Banda Bags in your beautiful store.