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The women of Banda Bags

Meet our Artisans

We employ more than 80 artisans. They are young women, mothers, grandmas, retirees...EMPOWERMENT FOR ALL


Banda Bags is a vegan and 100% cruelty free artisan accessories collection.

Banda Bags are uniquely handcrafted using a combination of hand-embroidery and paddle wheel sewing.

The result? Stunning, ethically-fashionable bags

Banda Bags: Where Fashion-Minded Meets Mindful

If you share our love for fashion as well as empowering women and communities; if you want to pay tribute to culture and heritage and carry a unique item, you’ve come to the right place!

Be prepared to stop traffic

The Most Unique Bags. Ever

This is our head turning guarantee. Shop bold colors and designs to compliment your style.

Want to hear from our clients aka banda babes?

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We appreciate any comments or feedback to help us improve or a pat on the back to keep us motivated!